Preliminary program. There are additional happenings in the evening: technical meetings, cultural performances from participants (prepare for it!), socials, etc.

Saturday 11/1 Arrival in Guangzhou → transfer to Heyuan
Sunday 12/1 BeiDou Orienteering Opening ceremony
1 Sprint
Monday 13/1 2 Middle distance
Tuesday 14/1 3 Long distance
Wednesday 15/1 4 Sprint
→ Transfer to Zhaoqing
Thursday 16/1 5 Middle distance
Friday 17/1 6 Sprint
9 Night Score (Fun Event)
Saturday 18/1 7 Long distance
Sunday 19/1 8 Middle distance
Closing ceremony
→ Transfer to Guangzhou: sightseeing & shopping
Monday 20/1 or Tuesday 21/1 Free time in Guangzhou / Departure


Orienteering in China is still a young sport. 83% of active orienteers in China are university students aged 18-29 years (Liu 2020). However, orienteering has no upper age limit. If you feel fit for 8 days orienteering you are welcome! If the program is too tough for you, you can also do your own rest day.

Age classes (separate Women's and Men's classes): M / W -16, -18, 21A, 21E (Elite). Open class.